James Lamont Dubose Gives Tips to Maintain Mental Health During Challenging and Stressful Times

James Dubose

March 24, 2021

James Lamont Dubose

James Lamont Dubose is a very successful producer and filmmaker for the television and film industry. Over the course of his career that has spanned more than 25 years, he has created a range of different pieces that are beloved by people all over the year. Similar to other people, he also struggled with mental health challenges even while having a successful career. Recently, he provided tips that anyone can follow to help them manage their mental health while living a busy life.


James Lamont Dubose Says to Recognize Mental Health Challenges

One of the issues that people can have is that they do not recognize their mental health challenges right away. For some people, depression and anxiety can build on slowly. However, for others it can show up right away. James Lamont Dubose believes it is very important to carefully recognize changes in your mood, energy levels and overall perspective. From there, you can start to make the changes you need.


James Lamont Dubose Say to be Willing to Face Demons

Another challenge that people could have is not being willing to face their demons and past when dealing with mental health. However, to manage your depression and anxiety or other mental health challenges, you need to be able to face your demons and deal with your past. James Lamont Dubose believes that once you are able to do this, you will be able to move forward and start living a better life that is not dictated by challenges you are having with your mental health.


James Lamont Dubose Knows You Need to Reach Out

One of the most important things that James Lamont Dubose did when he was struggling was to reach out to his support system. You should always be comfortable speaking with friends, family and other trusted people about your challenges. Not only will this help you help yourself, but you could also help those around you that are struggling as well.


James Lamont Dubose Discusses the Importance of Therapy

Most importantly, getting the professional support that you need to better manage your mental health challenges is very important. Navigating through a mental health issue on your own can prove to be very difficult. James Lamont Dubose believes that the work and support that he received through a therapist was crucial and helped to guide his improvement. Mental health professionals can help you to clear your thoughts and figure out what the root of the issue is.


If you are struggling with mental health challenges, it is very important that you work to improve your condition. While it can be difficult, James Lamont Dubose has provided some very valuable insight that can help you to better manage these challenges. Following these tips can give you the support that you need to understand your challenges and manage them going forward.