James Lamont DuBose Discusses Challenges of Maintaining Mental Health While Working in Film

James Dubose

April 23, 2021

Discusses Challenges of Maintaining Mental Health While Working in Film

James Lamont DuBose recently discussed the challenges of maintaining mental health while working in the film industry.

The film industry is a demanding one. In fact, the tv and film industry has been known to take a serious toll on mental health. James Lamont DuBose, head of programming for Fox Soul, recently discussed how to maintain mental health while working in film.

James Lamont DuBose is incredibly passionate about film. He began his career after acquiring a Communications degree from Wake Forest. His first role was as a Program Assistant for the Brad Lachman Productions Company. However, he explained that his career took off in a path similar to a roller coaster ride, and at the highest point in his career, he fell into a deep depression.

“The film industry is an incredibly demanding one,” James Lamont DuBose said. “You have to really focus on making time for yourself and not saying ‘yes’ to every opportunity.”

DuBose explained that he felt his depression growing for years. He was constantly working and entirely focussed on professional obligations. Rarely did he think about his own mental well-being, and that’s when it took a turn for the worst. He explained that he realized he had never addressed his own personal issues, and as he pushed his difficulties aside, they grew larger and larger until he was forced to face them.

“My support system and a variety of health care professionals got me through,” James Lamont DuBose said. “I think it needs to be known that professionals know what it takes to get you through depression.”

James Lamont DuBose explained that therapy helped him realize that he was constantly keeping busy to fill voids in his life. A therapist helped him confront himself head on and overcome his depression. DuBose is continuing on this journey to recovery, as he stated that the void he confronted never fully went away, but it continues to diminish day by day through constant practice and effort.

“The mental health stigma exists, but we all need to take care of our mental health,” DuBose said. “We need to acknowledge that we all face difficulties and that the pain associated with those difficulties manifests differently in every person. If we can all understand that, we can work toward eliminating the stigma associated with seeking professional help for mental health.”

James Lamont DuBose finished by stating that it takes immense amounts of bravery to speak about personal mental health issues, and he hopes the information he provides about his journey will help others. The film industry is extremely competitive, and this drives individuals to dedicate all of their time and energy toward success in the field. However, success cannot be reached without mental health, and maintaining that mental health means taking time for yourself.